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Recovery Tower

"Recovery Tower paints a vivid picture of the process of recovery in action"
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 Recovery Tower is a fictional walk through the 12 steps and the process of recovery.

Recovery Tower paints a powerful picture of recovery in action that jumps off the pages of this book.

For those attempting recovery for the first time, they will get an idea of what to expect as they face each step.

For those that never abused drugs or alcohol but want to get a better understanding of the 12 steps process, hop on the elevator and visit each floor. Not only will you get an understanding, you will be challenged to change your own life.  

Each of the 12 floors in Recovery Tower represents one of the 12 steps in recovery. Everyone that wants a new life must take the elevator up.         Once the doors open hold on to your seat. Each floor takes on a life of its own and if you are honest, open minded and willing you will grow by leaps and bounds.


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