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Understanding Codependency

Don't Suffer In Silence 
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The BOOK - Understanding Codependency, take the Journey to Recovery actually shines the light on the family member, love-one or the co-addict. Often the help provided by the family member, love-one or the co-addict, creates a codependent relationship.  This relationship can be harmful to both parties. This book helps you to understand that other people's decisions and life-long addictions are not your problem.  So, why worry? This book gives personal knowledge of codependent behavior and how to avoid it.




The Understanding Codependency WORKBOOK, Christian Codependency and Family Support WORKBOOK is part TWO working in joint partnership with the first book. The WORKBOOK is part of the red book series as a faith-based companion book.  In the WORKBOOK the reader moves from chapter to chapter, outlined in this WORKBOOK. The WORKBOOK has two sections. Section One is entitled, REFLECTIONS, Section Two is entitled, the 12-Steps for Codependency and scripture references applied to each step. The reader has plenty of space to write thoughts and reflections. This will assist in the journey from codependent behavior in relationships. 

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