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 Now being used in Faith-based Treatment Facilities all around the Nation

" To God Be The Glory "


Understanding Christian Drug and Alcohol Recovey



In 1935, Alcohol Anonymous was founded and became the most effective self-help recovery program known to man. What most people are not aware of is, Alcoholic Anonymous was birth in the Church to help alcoholics find freedom.    Free N One rediscovered this fact and redirected those 12 Steps back to a faith-based program.  We took the 12 steps, and the process of recovery, added scriptures to each step and put it in an easy to read guidebook for anyone that is ready to be free from the bondage of addiction in Jesus name.


This step-by-step guidebook is being used by drug rehabilitation centers, prisons, institutions, Pastors and teachers use this book entitled “Understanding Christian Drug and Alcohol Recovery” to further their ministry and help those find freedom.


It is an excellent tool for anyone helping others find freedom. The book explores The Disease of Addiction, Understanding Relapse, There Is Power in Being Powerless, What and Why a Sponsor, The 12 Steps to Recovery and much more...


This step-by-step guide is good for any individuals in recovery and those that want to know more about what they are going through and how to come out victorious.  It is a powerful tool in this war against addiction.

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