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                                      Free N One

Free N One (Free From Drugs and Alcohol and One In Christ) is a self-help program design to support the church in helping people addicted to drugs and or alcohol and also their family members.   Taking this fight to the next level is what we have to do! Leviticus 26:8 Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand, and your enemies will fall by the sword before you.


                                                Our Plan of Attack

                                                      Free N One's goal is to train every Church or organization that is willing to be                                                           on the front line of drug and alcohol recovery.  We believe once the church has                                                           been properly trained they will be effective in ministry to the community.                                                                   Those seeking help from their addiction will be able to find help on any day of                                                           the week, and at anytime.

                                               Free N One’s goal is to also provide the resources to the community by a                                                                   meeting directory with the address and phone number of each church and the                                                             time and date of the meeting is held.  This directory is then distribute                                                                         throughout each neighborhood, community and city. Those looking for help                                                               will be able to find help at any time.

           Join our Christ-centered Drug & Alcohol Recovery Zoom meetings

  • Monday 6pm (PST) Meeting Id: 849-4200-1035 - Password: sharelove

  • Tuesday 6pm (PST) Meeting Id: 843-8609-5134 - Password: sharelove

  • Wednesday 6pm  (PST) Meeting Id: 815-1383-8237 Password: sharelove

  • Thursday 6pm (PST) Meeting Id: 897-8946-4309 Password: sharelove

  • Saturday 6pm (PST) Meeting Id: 839-6591-8769 Password: sharelove

  • * Saturday 1pm (PST) - Hybrid: Zoom & In-person at SHARE! 6666 Green Valley Circle, Culver City, CA 9023 Meeting Id: 820-9704-3866 Pwd: sharelove


Codependency Family Support Meetings

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 We need your support, help us build and army  of like-minded individuals that will carry this message to addicts and alcoholic that continue to suffer from this disease.

For more information

go to or call 323 855-4695

or email at




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